To ensure the safety and health of all of our patients, Pine Valley Animal Hospital has in place certain policies.
We thank you for respecting our policies and for allowing us to consistently provide a safe and healthy environment for your pet.

Our Policy: Appointments

Patients are seen by appointment; however, we recognize the need to accommodate a sick pet and will always do our best to ensure appropriate care is received.

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Our Policy: Leashes & Carriers

All patients must be leashed or transported in a carrier before being admitted to the hospital. We ask that cats remain in the carrier until they are in an exam room.

Boarding, Hospitalization & Surgical
Admission Requirements

To be admitted, Pine Valley Animal Hospital requires all pets be up to date on their vaccinations. Written or faxed proof must show that a licensed veterinarian has performed the following:


  • Distemper
  • Parvo
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Rabies


  • FDVRCP  (Distemper & Upper Respiratory)
  • Rabies

Prior to admission, Pine Valley Animal Hospital requires all pets to have had a complete and thorough physical examination performed at our facility within the past year.

Animals that will be boarded must have had a negative intestinal parasite screen (fecal exam) result within the past year.

In addition, your pet will be examined for ticks and fleas prior to boarding. We recommend that you treat your pet at least three days prior to admission.

If your pet needs any of the procedures or treatments required for admission, the appropriate charges will be added to the owner’s bill.

Our Policy:
Written Prescriptions

We’re fully aware there are many internet sites and catalog houses which sell pharmaceutical products directly to consumers. It is our practice policy to provide written prescriptions to our clients at their request. We do not charge a fee for writing prescriptions for our patients. We do, however wish for your decision on where to have your pet’s prescriptions filled to be an informed one, and feel it is part of our responsibility as your pet’s Doctor to advise you consider the following:

  • We will provide a written prescription upon request, provided we have recently examined your pet and the medication or product is appropriate. The time frame of “recent examination” is at the Doctor’s discretion but will never exceed a maximum of one year from your pet’s last annual examination. The written prescription will be provided directly to you. You may request to pick it up or ask it to be mailed to your home, except for controlled drug prescriptions).
  • If you choose internet or catalogue sources, we advise you to copy your script and mail them the original. We recommend this process for the same reason we will only provide written prescriptions to you on our tamper-resistant unauthorized anti-copy security paper. We will not respond to fax requests or telephone calls from internet or catalogue companies. We require our physical prescription to be used so it can be traced back and authenticated in the event of medication error, failure, or reaction occurring.
  • Please double-check to ensure your prescription is sent, filled, labeled, shipped, and used correctly. Carefully select your choice of pharmacy, including thoroughly research for disciplinary board of pharmacy actions.
  • Some guarantees made by manufacturers regarding their products are null and void if their products are purchased through non-approved channels. This includes the guaranteed reimbursement for heartworm/intestinal parasite claims. If your pet contracts heartworms or specific parasites while on prevention.
  • Some internet-based pharmacies and catalogue companies have been repeatedly reprimanded by the FDA and State Boards of Pharmacy for violating prescribing procedures. Several well-known companies have been cited and fined repeatedly for the same violations in the same state or several states. Please research the company you decide to use.
  • Pharmaceuticals manufactured and labeled for use in other countries (Australia, New Zealand) have been illegally diverted and sold through some internet sources and catalogues in the United States. In addition, counterfeit medications, preventatives, and products have been produced and sold to unsuspecting consumers. The FDA-CVM has documented these problems with the use of some internet sources.

The following links provide useful information:

How to Buy Medicines Safely
Online Pharmacy Information

Medications obtained from internet pharmacies cannot be returned to the hospital nor will the hospital take responsibility for incorrect medications shipped to your home. For issues related to prescriptions online, you must contact the online pharmacy, not the hospital.

Our Policy:
No Returns on Pharmaceuticals

Veterinary Medical Board and Board of Pharmacy regulations prohibit the return and resale of pharmaceutical products once they have left the control of the hospital. This is a basic safety issue and applies to pre-packaged prescription medications as well as loose pills or liquids.

Because we cannot-and will not-resell medications that have left the direct control of our hospital, we will not accept medications or “returns” that have left our hospital premises. For the same reasons, we do not offer “credit” or refund for any unused or unwanted medications once these medications have been dispensed to you.

Our Policy:
Fees & Payment

Pine Valley Animal Hospital offers competitive and reasonable fees for comprehensive care. We base our fees on time spent, medications administered or purchased and the diagnostics and/or procedures necessary to ensure your pet receives the care it requires.

Payment is required in FULL at the time of pick up. While payment plans are not available, we do accept several payment options including Care Credit.

Learn More About Care Credit Below

We recommend that you discuss potential charges or concerns prior to treatment. Our professional staff will be happy to discuss the best options available for you and your pet.

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