The Walk in rabies are now 10:00 - 1:00 pm.

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Boarding is available at Pine Valley. Your dog will be taken out three times a day in our outdoor runs. Everytime you pet goes out, their kennel is cleaned and fresh water is given. The cats are not let out but do get plenty of attention.. There is plenty of action going on all day in the kennel so your pet won't be bored! We also visit them lots! Feel free to bring beds, toys, food , favorite treats or anything else that will make your pet comfortable here. 

To ensure the safety and health of all of our patients, Pine Valley Animal Hospital has in place certain policies:

Requirements for Boarding, Surgical, and Hospitalized Pets

  • Vaccinations: We require all pets to have current vaccinations in order to be admitted to our facility.
    • Dogs: Distempter, Parvo, Bordetella (Kennel Cough) and Rabies

    • Cats: FDVRCP, (Distemper, Upper Respiratory, and Rabies


We will need written or faxed proof that your pet's vaccines have been performed by a licensed veternarian.

Pine Valley Animal Hospital requires that all pets have had a complete and thorough physical examination completed at our facility within the past year. Additionally, boarders must have had a negative intenstinal parasite screen (fecal exam) result within the past year. These requirements prevent the spread of disease. If your pet has not undegone these procedures, they will be added to your bill.

Prior to admission to the facility your pet will be examined for ticks and fleas. We recommend that you treat your pet at least three days prior to admission. Otherwise, pets with ticks and fleas will be treated at regular charge to the owner.


Pine Valley Animal Hospital

Pine Valley Animal Hospital is a local family owned hospital. Our primary goal is to give you and your pets the very best care possible. Our experienced doctors and staff strive to provide timely, state-of-the-art veterinary services with reasonable fees and outstanding customer service.