We will be closed from January 23 to February 1 to do repairs due to flooding. We will be monitoring our phones for refills for prescriptions and food. We recommend ordering anything you may need this week! We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Call us: (910) 799-4500    Email: vets@pinevalleyanimalhospital.com

  • Thorough head-to-tail physical examination: Providing the best wellness care, customizing the care with the changing needs of your dog or puppy.
  • State-of-the-art blood work:  Our top of the line blood analysis equipment provides quick in-house complete blood count and chemisty analysis. This gives the Doctor's the information they need to determine the most effective treatment for your dog. Our newest IDEXX equipment provides same-day results. 
  • Surgical Medicine: Offering a full range of in-house surgical procedures for dogs.
  • Cardiology Services: Providing on-site electrocardiography (EKG) services.
  • Companion Laser Therapy: The latest technology in health care for your dog.
  • Dental Services: Complete dental cleaning and polishing for the healthier canine.
  • Digital X-ray Capability:  Our state of the art digital radiology equipment provides instant high-quality images for rapid diagnosis.
  • Ultrasound Service: We perform non-invasive ultrasound scans provided upon request by Dr. Sloan Dupree, DVM DACVR
  • Latest Anesthetics & Pain Control: Providing only the necessary and safest anesthetics for your dog.
  • Baths: Full range of bathing, cleaning, as well as basic grooming services.
  • Boarding: Excellent boarding facilities for your dog or puppy for both short and long-term care.
  • Personal management for dogs: Offering behavioral counseling for issues such as weight management, agression, barking, inappropriate chewing, digging and other problem behaviors.
  • Referrals: All patients requiring advanced services will be offered a referrel for a surgeon or a radiologist or to NC State University.
  • Pet food, pet supplies & Pharmaceuticals: We keep Purina and select Hill's Prescription Diet pet food in-stock. We also maintain an inventory of common prescription drugs as well as preventative flea, tick, and heartworm treatment products.
  • Microchipping: By surgically implanting a small microchip programmed with embedded identity information, you may increase the chances of recovering a lost or stolen dog. Vets, animal care professionals, shelters, pounds, and animal control centers across the United States routinely check new or rescued pets for implanted microchips. The pre-programmed identify information can lead to the safe return of your pet. It is painless and done without anestethia.

Pine Valley Animal Hospital

Pine Valley Animal Hospital is a local family owned hospital. Our primary goal is to give you and your pets the very best care possible. Our experienced doctors and staff strive to provide timely, state-of-the-art veterinary services with reasonable fees and outstanding customer service.